Alatrac Data Collection and Management Software

Alatrac User Friendly Mass Data Collection

Alatrac effortlessly handles mass data collection, but it also helps you manage the remote workforce assigned to collect the data.
Alamon Utility Services - The Pole Inspection Company You Can Trust

With Utility Pole Inspection, Your Way is the Right Way

If you're a cooperative in Tennessee, the best pole inspection and treatment plan for you shouldn't look like one created for a cooperative in New York. 
Alamon's Alatrac Utility Pole Inspection Platform

Alatrac Your Pole Inspection Data Your Way

Employee-owned Alamon, the customer-focused utility pole inspection provider, is proud to introduce the long-awaited update to its Alatrac software.
Alamon Pole Reinforcement

Wood Utility Pole Inspection, Treatment and Reinforcement

When electric cooperatives discover deficient utility poles, replacing them is costly. Alamon Pole Reinforcement is a cost-saving alternative.
Visit Alamon in booth 208 at the TechAdvantage Expo

Visit Alamon Today at the TechAdvantage Expo

Visit Alamon in booth 208 at the 2023 TechAdvantage Expo in Nashville, TN today through Wednesday. Let's discuss how Alamon can increase the service life of your wood utility poles.
Alamon Fiber to the Home Installation Services

Serving Electric Cooperatives with More Than Just Utility Pole Inspection Services

For cooperatives that offer fiber internet to their customers, our trained FTTH teams can be a huge difference maker when it comes to the final phase of your network deployment.
You wouldn't trust this dentist.

The Utility Pole Inspection Provider You Can Trust

You wouldn't trust this dentist. Don't trust utility pole inspection providers that behave the same way.
Alamon Utility Services

Protect Your Capital Investment with an Alamon Utility Pole Inspection Program

Power companies have a substantial investment in their wood utility poles, and many good reasons to pay close attention to service life.
Alamon Utility Services is Heading South for the Winter

Alamon Utility Services is Heading South for the Winter

Just like migratory birds, Alamon Utility Services heads south for the winter. We're busy helping clients in climates more conducive to inspecting wood utility poles for the next few months.
Alamon Pole Reinforcement Services

The Cost Benefits of Utility Pole Reinforcement

Replacing wood utility poles can be a very expensive proposition. Thankfully, that's not the only option available to you.
Alamon is an ESOP

Alamon Utility Services is Hiring Now

We're hiring utility pole inspectors now! This is a great time to explore a career at our growing, employee-owned company.
Alamon Fire Shield - Protecting Your Infrastructure from Wildfires

Fire Season and Protecting Your Overhead Infrastructure

As many as 90 percent of all wildland fires in the U.S. are caused by people, according to the U.S. Department of the Interior.