With Utility Pole Inspection, Your Way is the Right Way.

When you pay to have your wood pole infrastructure inspected, it’s not asking too much to expect the people you hired to create a program that is tailored specifically for you.

If you’re a cooperative in Tennessee, the best inspection and treatment plan for you shouldn’t look like one created for a cooperative in New York.  Unfortunately, too many customers have come to us because they previously dealt with this situation and didn’t receive proper guidance.  Your unique geography, climate, pole species and other variables factor into coming up with the right program for your needs.

At Alamon, priority #1 is steering you straight.

At Alamon, priority #1 is steering you straight.  Misleading, inaccurate information can be both costly and dangerous.

Alamon is a different kind of inspection provider. We are an employee-owned, customer-focused company that is always looking for the next opportunity to prove ourselves.

At Alamon Utility Services:

  • We do what we say we’re going to do. Period.
  • We perform quality inspections and deliver quality data you can trust.
  • We value our customers and their time. When you call us, we answer the phone.

While we can’t claim to be the biggest – we are the first company to call for reliable, honest help with your next pole inspection and treatment project.

Alamon - The Utility Pole Inspection Company You Can Trust

No matter where you are in the U.S., when you need reliable pole inspection and treatment, call Alamon, the inspection provider you can trust: 800.252.8838.

Our Operations Managers

Utility Services – Eastern U.S.

Matthew WarnerAlamon Utility Services East is led by Matthew Warner, an established, industry veteran with a long work history in utility construction and maintenance.  In addition to his experience overseeing a variety of successful large-scale D&T pole inspection and treatment projects in the eastern U.S., Matthew has a keen ability as a communicator and leader.  He heads a strong team of supervisors and project managers with a combined 30+ years of industry experience, and a dedicated quality-control manager who has worked in the field for over 20 years.


Utility Services – Western U.S.

Nathan AnunsonAlamon Utility Services West is led by Nathan Anunson. In addition to his Utility Services experience, Nathan has a strong and varied background in heavy civil construction, and has led a long list of heavy civil construction projects, including road building, underground utilities, sewer and water systems, to name just a few. Nathan’s Utility West team has extensive experience working with cooperatives and municipalities on their pole inspection, treatment and reinforcement projects.


Our Services

In addition to providing a variety of inspection, treatment and reinforcement options, Alamon works with you to develop a custom program based on geography, climate, pole species, budget and state regulatory requirements.

Utility Pole Inspection

Utility Pole InspectionOur inspection methods include Visual and Sounding Inspection, Visual Sound & Bore Inspection, Non-Destructive Inspection, Partial Excavation Inspection and Full Excavation Inspection. The choice of which method(s) to employ is dictated by which of them best suits your specific needs.

Remedial Pole Treatments

Remedial Pole TreatmentsAlamon’s Remedial Pole Treatment programs are a ‘booster’ shot to your poles’ original preservative treatments. Whether you employ External Preservative Pastes, Internal Fumigants and Rods, or Internal ‘Void Fill’ Liquids, a timely pole treatment program can extend the life of in-service poles beyond normal service ranges.

Utility Pole Reinforcement

Utility Pole ReinforcementAlamon’s Pole Reinforcement programs help restore poles to code mandated strength requirements at a fraction of the time and cost of pole replacements. Reinforced wood poles with remedial treatments can remain in-service for years to come, greatly extending the original life cycle of these valuable assets.

Utility Pole Strength Upgrades

Alamon Utility Pole Strength UpgradesThere is a nationwide demand to add power and communications infrastructure, and existing wood poles can be pushed beyond their maximum load capacities. Alamon can provide many solutions for increasing the carrying capacity of your existing wood poles, including Pole Reinforcement and/or Extended Trussing.

Data Delivery

Data DeliveryAlamon’s in-house IT/GIS team specializes in moving field data to and from Client GIS. Whether collecting and delivering pole inspection data, or identifying attachments on your poles, Alamon has the expertise to deliver your data.  Ask our team about Asset Inventory and Management, Attachment Surveys, Overhead Detailed Inspection (NESC and/or GO95) and Project Progress Mapping.

Pole Loading Analysis

Pole Loading AnalysisUsing a wide range of Pole Loading platforms, Alamon can help supplement your workforce, or perform standalone PLA services. Alamon has the staff and experience to assist your team with Fielding, Pole Loading Analysis, and Make-Ready design to make sure your poles are NESC/GO95 compliant.

Whether for engineering firms, pole owners, or Joint Use applicants, Alamon can play a key part in your company’s broadband buildouts.

Fire Shield

Fire ShieldAlamon provides fire protection for your wood pole inventory using Wildfire Shield from Armor Built™. Wildfire Shield is a durable and long-lasting resin system that provides protection from extreme heat. When a Wildfire Shield wrapped pole is exposed to a wildfire, the intumescent coating activates, creating an effective heat insulation barrier which helps protect the wood from the fire’s damaging heat.

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