Employee-owned Alamon, the customer-focused utility pole inspection provider, is proud to introduce the long-awaited update to its Alatrac software.

AlatracThe new Alatrac pole inspection application pairs modern technologies with the existing mobile application and enables inspectors and managers to leverage advanced analysis and reporting functionalities.

New data editing and visualization tools, expanded reporting functions and dynamic dashboards are big upgrades to the application, which now allows for multiple types of inspection work within the same common platform.

These useful new features are the result of years of work in the field, combined with valuable customer feedback.

Alatrac has been completely reworked, delivering a modern inspection and data collection tool that  empowers users to gain critical insights into inspection data. The new ‘serverless’ architecture also allows Alamon developers to utilize cloud computing resources for more comprehensive analytics, reporting and automation.

Your inspection programs and data have never been more customizable.  Sign up for a demo of Alatrac today.

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Alamon's Alatrac Utility Pole Inspection Platform

GIS-aware inspector tracking, intuitive, user-friendly design, and custom integration with the IML Resi PowerDrill are just a few of the features of Alatrac that allow you to customize your pole inspection programs and inspection data.