Take a minute and get to know some of the outstanding Alamon Utility Services East team members who are putting in the hours and hard work to inspect and to preserve our customers’ utility poles.

Alamon Utility Services East Employee Appreciation Day

And the Winners Are…

Golden Shovel Award

Receiving special recognition from their Project Manager.

  • Joshua Hubbert (from PM Jesse Campfield)
  • Deb- Trista Corum (from PM Deb Schmidt)
  • Tristan- Tyler Williams (from PM Tristan Byron)
  • Deandre- John Eaddy (from PM DeAndre Rice)
  • Kris- Paul Gould (from Field Supervisor Kris Calaman)

Rookie of the Year Award

Recognizing impressive accomplishments for their first year at Utility East.

  • Lonnie Robinson
  • John Ruzzano
  • Brian Kio
  • Kiel Mixon
  • Jean Luzaire

Loki’s Pick Award

Recognizing the highest quality, consistently, over last year.

  • Kaleb Burchell

Safety Spotlight Award

Recognizing those who always put safety first.

  • Paul Gould
  • Derrick Lopreste
  • Dylan Brown

Ruler of the Road Award

Recognizing the highest driver’s score.

  • Kaleb Burchell

Most Improved Driver Award

  • Jean Luzaire

Manager’s Award

  • Kaleb Burchell
  • Tyler Williams

Last Crew Member Standing Award

  • John Willis
  • Brendon Summers
  • Carter Gould
  • Josh Hubbert

Loyalty Award

  • Zack Bostwick
  • Derrick Lopreste
  • Michael Eades
  • Chris Klisanin

Old Dog, New Trick Award

  • Chris Klisanin

Lone Survivor Award

For sticking around to finish the cleanup work.

  • Mike Rozanski