You wouldn‘t trust this dentist. Don’t trust utility pole inspection companies that behave the same way.

Unless you have a really bad dentist, you don’t often wonder if he’s actually examining all of your teeth.

When you pay to have your cooperative’s wood pole infrastructure inspected, it’s not asking too much to expect the people you hired to actually do the whole job. Replacement costs can reach north of $2,000 per pole, and misleading, inaccurate inspection data can be very costly.

Unfortunately, too many customers come to us because they previously dealt with people who cut corners and didn’t do the job right.

Alamon is a different kind of inspection provider. We are an employee-owned, customer-focused company that is always looking for the next opportunity to prove ourselves.

At Alamon Utility Services:

  • We do what we say we’re going to do. Period.
  • We perform quality inspections and deliver quality data you can trust.
  • We value our customers and their time. When you call us, we answer the phone.

When you need reliable, honest help with your next pole inspection and treatment project, talk to Alamon, the inspection provider you can trust.

Alamon - The Utility Pole Inspection Company You Can Trust

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Utility Services East

Matthew WarnerAlamon Utility Services East is led by Matthew Warner, an established, industry veteran with a long work history in utility construction and maintenance.  In addition to his experience overseeing a variety of successful large-scale D&T pole inspection and treatment projects in the eastern U.S., Matthew has a keen ability as a communicator and leader.  He heads a strong team of supervisors and project managers with a combined 30+ years of industry experience, and a dedicated quality-control manager who has worked in the field for over 20 years.

Utility Services West

Nathan AnunsonAlamon Utility Services West is led by Nathan Anunson. In addition to his Utility Services experience, Nathan has a strong and varied background in heavy civil construction, and has led a long list of heavy civil construction projects, including road building, underground utilities, sewer and water systems, to name just a few. Nathan’s Utility West team has extensive experience working with cooperatives and municipalities on their pole inspection, treatment and reinforcement projects.

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