Alamon Utility Services Pretreats Poles for IBEW Local 9 in Chicago

Rot is a naturally recurring process that is as old as time. Each handful of soil contains an abundance of microorganisms whose primary function is to break down matter. That presents challenges when your critical infrastructure consists of thousands of wood utility poles buried in the ground.

Alamon provides IBEW Local 9 in Chicago assistance with their training facility utility poles.Alamon not only provides accurate inspections and data about the health of wood poles while they are in service, we help you be proactive in getting the longest service life from your investment – a process that begins before those poles are buried in the ground for the first time.

IBEW Local 9 in Chicago, IL recently enlisted Alamon to provide in-depth inspections of poles at their training facility after one of them failed due to severe decay only a few years after installation.

After the evaluation, Alamon recommended and helped implement a pretreating process for the facility’s poles that provided additional protection from environmental stresses.

IBEW Local 9 gained the peace of mind of knowing that their trainees could safely use the facility, and Alamon was pleased to be able to provide it.

As part of our mission to inspect and to preserve our customers’ infrastructure, Alamon will revisit the site year after year to monitor the changing condition of the poles and track the decay process.

About the Author

Matthew WarnerMatthew Warner serves as the Operations Manager for Alamon Utility Services East, and is an established industry veteran with a long work history in utility construction and maintenance.  In addition to his experience overseeing a variety of successful large-scale D&T pole inspection and treatment projects in the eastern U.S., Matthew has a keen ability as a communicator and leader.  He heads a strong team of supervisors and project managers with a combined 30+ years of industry experience, and a dedicated quality-control manager who has worked in the field for over 20 years.

Our Mission: To Inspect and To Preserve

Alamon Utility Services is on a mission to inspect and to preserve our customers’ wood pole infrastructures. We are an employee-owned company with an emphasis on customer service and custom-tailored programs for helping you get the most out of your infrastructure investment.

Alamon inspectors discovered advanced decay in an IBEW Local 9 training facility pole after only a few years. This is not typical, and is far too soon for this level of decay.

Alamon provides an added layer of protection against decay before new poles are installed at the IBEW Local 9 training facility in Chicago, IL.