Alamon Utility Services is Heading South for the Winter

Alamon Utility Services is Heading South for the Winter

Just like migratory birds, Alamon Utility Services heads south for the winter. We're busy helping clients in climates more conducive to inspecting wood utility poles for the next few months.
Alamon Pole Reinforcement Services

The Cost Benefits of Utility Pole Reinforcement

Replacing wood utility poles can be a very expensive proposition. Thankfully, that's not the only option available to you.
Alamon is an ESOP

Alamon Utility Services is Hiring Now

We're hiring utility pole inspectors now! This is a great time to explore a career at our growing, employee-owned company.
Alamon Fire Shield - Protecting Your Infrastructure from Wildfires

Fire Season and Protecting Your Overhead Infrastructure

As many as 90 percent of all wildland fires in the U.S. are caused by people, according to the U.S. Department of the Interior.
Alamon Utility Services - Wood Utility Pole Inspection

One Size Fits All? Not in Wood Utility Pole Inspection

The key to an efficient and cost-effective inspection program is the work that goes into the planning and preparation of your unique plan.
Visit Alamon in Booth 124 at the 2022 NWPPA Conference in Spokane, WA

Visit Alamon in Booth 124 at the 2022 NWPPA Conference in Spokane, WA

Join Alamon at the 2022 Northwest Public Power Association (NWPPA) Engineering and Operations Conference next week, April 11th to 13th.
Alamon Utility Services

Utility Pole Inspection RFP Season

If your Utility is preparing a Pole Inspection bid/RFP for 2022, please consider adding Alamon Utility Services to your bidder’s list.
Alamon Utility Services Pole Inspection, Treatment and Reinforcement

See Alamon at the 2021 MECA Operations Conference

Alamon is excited to attend the 2021 Montana Electric Cooperative Association's Operations Conference this week in Missoula, Montana.
Alamon Group Photo Summer 2021

Alamon Summer Meetings 2021

Building the future now takes good planning and coordination. That's why members of Alamon's leadership team were in Kalispell, MT Aug 3rd - 6th for annual meetings.
Visit Alamon at the ICUA Annual Meeting July 21-23 2021 in Boise, ID

See Alamon at the ICUA Annual Meeting 2021

Alamon Utility Services looks forward to seeing you at the Idaho Consumer-owned Utilities Association Annual Meeting next week.
Alamon Utility Services

Pole Strength Upgrades

With the nationwide demand to expand and improve communications infrastructure for home offices, existing wood poles can be pushed beyond their maximum load capacities.
Alamon Utility Services Fire Hazard Inspection and Protection

Utility Services Fire Hazard Prevention and Protection

Spring months are the time for western region Utilities to think about summer wildfire prevention and protection.