One Size Fits All? Not in Wood Utility Pole Inspection

Alamon’s one-minute guide to Utility Pole Decay Severity Zones and Pole Inspection Schedules by Zones as defined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Utilities Service.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to wood utility pole inspection.

Alamon Utility Services - Wood Utility Pole InspectionThe key to an efficient and cost-effective inspection program is the work that goes into the planning and preparation of your unique plan. For example, an inspection program for an energy coop in New Mexico won’t likely have a lot in common with a program for an Arkansas coop, based on differences in climate-related wood decay tendencies alone.

Whether you’re building a new inspection program, or need to reevaluate your existing program to eliminate unnecessary activities and expense, Alamon works closely with you to create the most cost-efficient and effective program long before inspections begin.

Armed with information about your region, topography, budget, specific needs and state regulatory requirements, Alamon delivers custom inspection programs that yield highly accurate data – at very competitive rates.

With Alamon, you get what you pay for, plus the attention paid to your program’s specific needs that other companies don’t provide.

Let’s talk about YOUR inspection program today. Call 800-252-8838, or visit Alamon’s Utility Services page for more details.