Veterans Day

Veterans Day 2022

Alamon honors U.S. military veterans and their families for their sacrifice and bravery. We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude for your selfless service to our country.
Legacy Hardware is a Hacker's Paradise

Legacy Hardware is a Hacker’s Paradise

Outdated hardware and network devices can present an irresistible attack surface for bad actors and make your organization an easy target.
Alamon Utility Services is Heading South for the Winter

Alamon Utility Services is Heading South for the Winter

Just like migratory birds, Alamon Utility Services heads south for the winter. We're busy helping clients in climates more conducive to inspecting wood utility poles for the next few months.
Alamon Pole Reinforcement Services

The Cost Benefits of Utility Pole Reinforcement

Replacing wood utility poles can be a very expensive proposition. Thankfully, that's not the only option available to you.
Alamon Enterprise Technical Services

The Difference Between EOL and EoSL

As your IT equipment ages, you must seriously think about replacement strategies. Here's how the terms EOL and EoSL impact your decisions.
Alamon Fiber Services

The Equal Importance of Great Fiber Installation Work and Great Customer Service

For all its many strengths, fiber is most vulnerable when it reaches its destination point at a home or business, and that’s where Alamon Fiber Installation Services comes in.
Alamon is an ESOP

Alamon Utility Services is Hiring Now

We're hiring utility pole inspectors now! This is a great time to explore a career at our growing, employee-owned company.
Alamon Wireless Services

Time for Plan B on Catalina Island

Deploying wireless equipment is sometimes a straightforward process, but there are plenty of times when impromptu problem-solving is required.
Enterprise Technical Services - Secure IT Asset Disposition

Protect Your Data with Secure IT Asset Disposition Services

Failure to properly dispose of IT equipment can have serious consequences for your data, the environment, and your brand reputation.

Safety by Choice, Not by Chance

The nation’s top cellular carriers rely on Alamon teams to install and maintain their equipment every day. When you're working on a tower hundreds of feet in the air, safety is especially important.
Dodger Stadium - Los Angeles, CA

Alamon Wireless Services Supports Major Cellular Carrier for MLB All-Star Game 2022

Alamon wireless teams are busy setting up temporary cell sites to support fans attending the MLB All-Star game at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

Battery Testing and Installation for a Military Installation

Alamon performs a variety of professional DC Power Services for all kinds of projects, and one of the more interesting and successful ones recently took place at a military installation 150 miles north of Los Angeles in the Western Mojave Desert.