Frontier, one of America’s most innovative Internet Service Providers, obsesses over performance. That’s why their network offers an astonishing 99.9% reliability.

Frontier Turns to Alamon to Build the Backbone of Their Fiber NetworkIn today’s world where customers are hungry for blazing fast internet connections, Frontier delivers. They were the first to bring ultrafast Fiber 2 Gig and now 5 Gig, to their entire network because fiber is the future.

Who does Frontier turn to when it comes to building the backbone of their network? They rely on Alamon, the most dependable infrastructure deployment company in the U.S.

Alamon’s decades of experience make us an optimal partner for large-scale deployment of fast, efficient, high-performance fiber networks.

We’re proud to be a part of Frontier’s nationwide mission to bring faster internet and better technology to everyone, not just the few.

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About Alamon

Employee-owned Alamon, Inc. is a technology solutions company providing large scale deployment of IT installations and supporting infrastructure for communication, energy and utility companies throughout the U.S.

The News Is Out

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