Alamon Tricks of the Trade

As work on a U.S. Military base comes to a close, Alamon crews are doing finish work and ensuring all systems are operational in this turnkey project.

One of those final tasks was connecting offices, conference rooms, classrooms, and hangers to a new communications room and an existing one. That includes: pulling cable through conduit to jacks and patch panels, identifying & lacing cable, attaching jacks & faceplates, mounting racks & patch panels. Along the way we used a few tricks to work more efficiently, one of which was getting the cable ran through existing conduits.

Supplies: Pull String, Plastic Bag, Vacuum, Cable.


Tie part of plastic bag to pull string

Feed string into conduit as far as possible

Hold vacuum to other end of conduit

Turn vacuum on until bag reaches vacuum nozzle

Attach cable to pull string

Pull cable through conduit

Attach to patch panel & jacks