Bandwidth Demands and Fiber Optic Expansion

We live in a time where we’re tethered to the internet – all day, every day.

95 percent of the 340 million people in the U.S. use the internet. We’re all working, studying, streaming, chatting, researching, selling and buying online around the clock.

Not surprisingly, this is creating historic, unprecedented demand for connectivity and speed.

Satisfying that demand involves upgrading network infrastructure, which is what Alamon does best. Nearing our 50th year in business, we have a deep understanding of both old and new communications systems.

Customers like Frontier Communications, T-Mobile, Verizon and Lumen have trusted us with their networks because we know the technology well. We also know what it takes to navigate the physical challenges of installing cables and equipment in diverse and sometimes difficult environments.

Your subscribers’ expectations aren’t going to decrease in the future. The quality of your network service is a make-or-break proposition in 2024, as users increasingly expect the fastest data transfer speeds, low latency and reliable connectivity.

Alamon is your go-to source for fiber optic expansion, and offers turnkey solutions that can accelerate the process of upgrading your network. Our professional fiber teams offer:

  • Fiber Splicing and Testing
  • Troubleshooting and Problem Solving
  • Fiber Placement (Aerial and Underground)
  • Directional Boring
  • Micro Trenching
  • Jack and Bore
  • Terminal Placement and Testing
  • Fiber Drops (Commercial and Residential)
  • In Building Solutions
  • Hub and CO Procedures and Etiquette
  • TC Design and permitting

Alamon is the professional infrastructure services partner that can handle the technical complexity of upgrading your network, and help you satisfy your customers’ insatiable appetite for bandwidth.

Internet Use Over Time: Courtesy Pew Research

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