Alamon Wireless Site Surveys

Maximize Your Facility’s WiFi with an Alamon Wireless Site Survey

Do you have a wireless network that isn’t performing well or are you planning to install a new WiFi network? Let Alamon perform a wireless site survey to help achieve your goals. A wireless site survey helps to determine where to place WiFi access points to provide proper signal coverage and performance. There are three types of surveys that will help you determine the best implementation and support for your wireless needs. Understanding the difference can both improve the outcome and save you money.

Passive Wireless Site Survey

In a passive wireless site survey specialized software is used to collect access points for signal strength, interference and access point coverage. In passive surveys, the listening WiFi adapters do not need to associate to the access point. They just passively listen and give a picture of the RF characteristics of wireless network sites. Passive surveys are often performed when upgrading existing wireless networks such as adding additional access points.

Active Wireless Site Survey

During an active wireless site survey, a computer’s wireless adapter is associated with an access point. This allows the gathering of detailed information about a network, such as network traffic, throughput, and data rates. An active site survey is often performed in conjunction with a passive site survey at start of a new wireless network deployment.

Predictive Wireless Site Survey

To perform a predictive wireless site survey, RF planning software tools are used to predict wireless coverage of the access points based on floor plans. A floor plan drawing of the site or building should be available in order to complete this type of survey. Predictive site surveys are used when the site or building is not yet built and are helpful for budgeting purposes.

All wireless site surveys aim to provide detailed information that addresses potential sources of interference, ideal access point placement, power requirements, and cabling specifications. You need this information before implementing or attempting to optimize a wireless network, so your wireless network can be designed, implemented, and optimized properly. Confusing, right? Let Alamon help you with our expertise to move through the wireless jungle and arrive at your preferred destination.

About Alamon

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