Maintenance at its Best

AT&T has immediately benefited from their new maintenance contract with Alamon.  Facing a critical outage at a busy wireless location, AT&T deployed Alamon to the site to investigate a suspect microwave dish at the top of a 100′ tower.  To add to AT&T’s troubles, the tower itself was only accessible via lift equipment that would take as long as 24 hours to deploy.

With the clock ticking, Alamon began diagnostic procedures on the entire circuit, and found that the problem was in fact a broken cable connection on a nearby connecting microwave tower. Alamon crews were able to immediately climb the second tower, and repair the broken cable in just a short time after the initial call out…the quick thinking and resourcefulness of the Alamon crews saved AT&T countless hours of out-of-service time, costly repair delays, and unnecessary lift equipment expenses.

We look forward to teaming with AT&T to keep their critical infrastructure running for years to come.