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Alamon HQ, Kalispell, MT

The nation’s leading cellular carriers rely on Alamon technicians to install and maintain their equipment every day, and our skilled wireless teams spend more than their fair share of time scaling towers as part of their weekly routine.

There’s never a time on any job where safety isn’t important, but when most of your work involves being suspended from a tower hundreds of feet in the air, strict adherence to safety regulations is especially critical.

Alamon’s Safety Supervisor Jessica Hansen and two wireless veterans (Technical Specialist Travis Hansen and Tower Crew Foreman Mark Mertz) recently completed a week-long tower climbing and rigging training course at Pacific Safety Solutions in Vista, CA, and renewed their climbing and rigging certifications.

Alamon Safety Supervisor Jessica Hansen“I loved it,” Jessica said.

“The training was excellent, and we were required to demonstrate skills with all aspects of climbing and rigging, including techniques for self rescue and rescuing others.”

After executing the necessary climbing and rigging techniques, the Alamon trainees were required to also show they have the knowledge to effectively teach others.

Jessica says Alamon places safety at the very top of the priority list.

“We put all climbers through a five-day program, and we pay for the training. You just can’t do this kind of work without a huge commitment to safety.”

With the industry’s current surge in 5G hardware deployment, the number of new Alamon tower climbers increases every week – and new hires are thoroughly trained and tested before heading into the field.

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About Alamon Wireless Services

Alamon serves the needs of the nation’s top cellular carriers, and provides a wide variety of installation and maintenance services to the wireless industry.

Alamon Tower Climbers are put through an intensive Tower Climbing, Rescue and Rigging Certification classes, possess a CPR-First Aid Certification, OSHA 10 or 30 Hour Certification, RF Awareness Training, Hazcom Certification, LOTO Certs and many more to meet or EXCEED OSHA standards. We also adhere to several GSA, EIA/TIA, FAA, FCC industry standards.

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