As energy collection and storage become more prevalent in today’s world, Alamon would like to call attention to our capabilities with details from some completed projects.

La Plata, Colorado –  Alamon worked with Alpha Technologies to build a solar collection and energy storage facility on a nearly untouched location at 9,000 feet elevation. Supports on the facility were designed and built to withstand winds up to 150 mph. Alamon installed all framing for solar panels, all conduit/combiner boxes, completed all trenching, installed relay/cable racks, ran and terminated all cables and installed all 48 batteries used for energy storage (including floating & testing batteries). Once completed the total solar collection and storage capability amounted to 16.8 kilowatts of energy.

Solar Replacement, Hawaii – Alamon was selected to replace existing solar panels, build new frame work to achieve a better collection angle, and install new solar panels. 36 panels were mounted at ground level and the remaining 12 were installed atop the existing building. This project was set on a very remote location at 9500 FT elevation on Kona Island and took 1 week to complete. Once finalized, the sites collection capacity had been improved from 5520 Watts to 7800 Watts or 7.8 kilowatts.