Today we’re discussing improved collaboration for your growing business, specifically when you’re dealing with multiple locations. Given that Alamon has seven divisions with satellite offices across the U.S. (and is a Cisco partner), we know a thing or two about this topic.

After two years of pandemic-induced reliance on remote video collaboration, you’d be wealthy beyond your wildest dreams if you had a nickel for every time you’ve heard:

“Can everybody see my screen? How about now? Now?”

“I can’t log in. Can you log in? I can’t.”

“Hey, your video froze. I missed half of what you said. Can you repeat that? Never mind. You froze again.”

Improving Remote Collaboration with Alamon and CiscoRemote collaboration is a powerful tool, when done right. Cisco partner Alamon ETS has the expertise to guide you to solutions that maximize your efficiency when it comes to communication and collaboration, no matter where you’re located.

Download “Five Ways to Improve Collaboration” from Alamon and Cisco, then contact Alamon ETS for enterprise meeting solutions that are simple, easy and flexible.

About Alamon

By producing consistently excellent outcomes for clients for nearly five decades, Alamon has earned the opportunity to partner with the nation’s largest service providers and equipment manufacturers. From AT&T and Avangrid on one end of the alphabet, to T-Mobile and Verizon on the other, Alamon has been trusted with the networks of industry leaders because we deliver results.