What’s up?… Aerial Engineering

Alamon’s Aerial division is working hard to help provide consumers with the newest technology in fiber optic networks. We assist our service providing clients in capturing the most accurate routing data from the field. Each utility pole is added to the cloud-based data and then analyzed for wind loads and vertical loads using consumer specific loading programs such as SPIDAcalc, O-Calc, and EZload.

From there, our design teams identify any changes that are needed on the pole to accommodate an added fiber cable. Alamon teams then perform the important ‘Make-Ready Engineering’ to ensure that every cable that is placed on the pole is in compliance with GO95 or NESC. Our clients are then able to process applications, utility maps, and permits to place their new fiber lines. This will provide their customers with faster internet speeds and increased bandwidth.

Please call Alamon at 1-800-252-8838 if you are with a service provider in need of Aerial Engineering services.