Utility Pole Visual Inspections – Alamon Looks For The Details

One of the important elements of a complete utility pole evaluation is the Visual Inspection.  Unfortunately, it is often only a minor priority to many inspection companies.  Today, utilities count on accurate visual inspection data for numerous purposes; in part to insure safety, and reliability of service.

When Alamon Inspectors approach a utility pole, they begin the process of professionally evaluating the structure on many levels.  First, our inspector looks for any safety concerns that may cause an immediate hazard.  Whether it be something regarding the pole itself or the environment surrounding the structure; such as a tree limb leaning on the lines, or hazardous conditions or materials at the base of the pole.  All safety issues are recoded and reported to the pole owner.  If there is any immediate and certain danger to the public, workers, or property, our inspectors call the appropriate utility contact and escalate the issue.

Secondly, our inspector then looks for any maintenance issues that might cause reliability problems – slack or broken guy wires, broken cross-arms, split tops, woodpecker holes…and much more.  We take the time to get the details right!  We know our customers count on us to consistently report all potential maintenance items so they can plan and deploy their crews with the correct products and resources to resolve the issue.  Issues that may cause outages when weather becomes disruptive.  Bottom line – if there is a problem we’ll find and report it!

The Visual Inspection doesn’t stop there. There are many more details to gather.  We correctly record and report pole class, height, species, year placed in service, and the pole ID tag number.  Not to mention taking a GPS reading that will help guide repair crews directly to the pole for corrective actions. Alamon gets the details down so our customer has the complete picture of the pole’s condition.

Once the Visual Inspection is completed with precise detail, our inspector continues the rest of the inspection with just as much care and attention.  But it all begins with the Visual Inspection, a step that Alamon takes seriously!  To learn more please visit our website or call us directly – www.alamon.com or 800.252.8838!