There Is No “I” in “Team”

Quality. Reliability. Professionalism: It’s the day-in, day-out guarantee that Alamon sets as the company expectation.

Last week, we focused on those three words to strengthen Alamon’s fibrous backbone through our leadership teams. 

From across the US, managers came together at our headquarters office in Kalispell, MT to discuss our plans for 2020. These meetings are designed to provide an opportunity for growth by discussing how to streamline ambitions and concerns brought up by each department from their experiences in 2019.

We compared and contrasted our plans for the new year, which included an in-depth screening of our safety regulations and positive ways to better familiarize our employees with our ESOP plan.

Goals were even set to expand training for a number of items important to leadership growth. All of this and more builds a stronger foundation and adds to our existing accomplishments as we continue to improve Alamon.