Progression into the Technological World

Recognition of the Alamon name continues to expand as our technological advancements take a further dive into the software industry. Dennis Gesker, CTO, continues to involve Alamon’s four branches (Network, Wireless, Utility, and Outside Plant services) as a Java EE Guardian, which are an independent grassroots contingent committed to moving the Java EE platform forward through active community participation and advocacy for independent developers in the oversight for progression of the Jakarta EE standards for enterprise software.

Recently, Gesker was interviewed by ADT Magazine regarding the recent agreement to transition the Java EE namespace to Jakarta. “The truth is, we are thrilled about this agreement”, he stated when asked how it affects the real-world, daily work environment. “Programmers have tools they like, but these growing pains are going to go away and we are all going to become more effective and efficient.” 

Alamon’s exposure to companies and individuals who design major foundations in present-day architectural groundwork will significantly improve the development and engineering of our technological advancements. 

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