Power Tips for Data Centers


Efficient use of energy is always a key factor in both data center and central office builds. Though these two environments serve different technological needs, they can use similar best practices in deploying and maintaining equipment for optional energy efficiency.


Alamon would like to offer tips from more than four decades of experience with data center and central office builds.

1. Track power usage effectiveness. If you track your power utilization you can better manage power usage and adjust your environment as needed.


2. Air flow matters! Minimize hot and cold air mixing by using containment features in your design. Prevent hot-spots and where possible use blanking plates if you have empty rack slots.


3. Take it easy on the AC. Often data centers are kept at chilly temperatures, most at 70 degrees or less, though some newer equipment can tolerate operating temperatures up to 80 degrees. Cooling air is expensive and a few degrees can make a significant difference in a large data center’s operational budget.


4. If your build requirements do not mandate a closed air system consider using evaporating water systems, large thermal reservoirs and exchange (or trap and release) of internal and ambient air, depending on your external environment and filter capabilities.


5. Optimize power distribution. Alamon has learned over many years of central office construction that energy and, by extension dollars, are lost at every step of power conversion. Convert power as few times as possible.