Get Ready for 5G!

This past July the FCC conducted two votes (here & here) that may have implications for the transition to mobile networks and to facilitate the discontinued use of older traditional landline networks by carriers. These rulings may prove to be trans-formative considering that despite advances in cable and switching technology the layout of these land lines have not fundamentally changed since the founding of the Bell Telephone Company 134 years ago.

In a nutshell, these rulings will allow telecommunications carriers to turn down and discontinue use of copper landlines and their associated TDM (Time Division Multiplex) switches in any scenario where they are able to provide similar reliability, coverage and services that communities rely upon like 911 and medical monitoring.

As most of the large carriers have begun to test and research 5G services (fifth generation wireless systems) which are expected to afford users multi-gigabyte speeds from the tower to their premise, its a safe bet that the new network services and technologies are meant to supplant traditional TDM networks and will be optimized for IPv6(Internet Protocol version 6) based traffic.

The upside for Alamon’s customers is that we can be there to support them during any phase of this transition. We can assist with the turn down and tear out of the supplanted systems, build and/or retrofit the towers and tower equipment to the new 5G standards, ensure that their fiber plant can handle the back haul for this new high capacity technology, and finally the installation of “unconnected” NIDs (Network Interface Devices) at the customer’s premise so that the customer can continue to utilize their existing triple play technologies: Voice, Video and Internet.  Alamon can offer turnkey solutions in support of all of the above.