Digital Housekeeping

There have been quite a number of incidents in the news with regard to companies suffering data loss due to systems failure, malicious software and downright intrusive incidents. Often the risk of these events can be mitigated but ensuring system hardware and software are up to date, fully patched, backed up and have some level of redundancy.

We here at Alamon practice what we preach. We have recently upgraded our own internal systems in order to address the concerns outlined above. We do everything we can to ensure uptimes and our customers would expect no less.

We hope to get good and effective use out of our new systems recently purchased from System76 (Running Citrix XenServer) , APC, QNAP and NetGear. All of these systems of course installed and provisioned by our own installation force.

If you find you have need for supplemental help with in your own data center please consider Alamon. After all there aren’t many contract firms that can claim to be in the data and telecom center for over 40 years!