Best CCA “Green Pole” Inspection Method

Utilities nationwide are seeing the advantages of using CCA Poles for their infrastructure.  Known in the industry as ‘green poles’, one of the great benefits relates to the 50-year warranty:

“CCA-treated wood poles feature fixed protection with no need for groundline treatment in service” 

Even with this great warranty, most utilities still are required to have inspection cycles for all poles. This is where Alamon comes in.  Alamon’s  IML-RESI PowerDrill technology can determine internal and below ground conditions of in-place CCA poles…without the need to excavate or bore large holes in a great wood pole product.

Managing inspections on your in-place CCA-treated wood poles has never been easier, more accurate, or more cost effective…without the need for ground-line treatments.  Contact Alamon Utility Services today for more information.