Alamon Wood Pole Inspection Best Practices

Is “Best Practices” for inspecting wood poles just doing it the way it’s always been done?  Isn’t it about time for a new evolution to the inspection process? How about a step forward for non-intrusive wood pole inspection practices?  With the knowledge and experience of inspecting more than a million wood utility poles, Alamon believes that it’s time for just that.  And so does a large growing number of utilities!  The IML-RESI PowerDrill, coupled with Alamon’s proprietary technology, brings greater objectivity, consistency, and verifiable accuracy to wood utility pole inspections.

When your utility depends on inspection data to make critical maintenance and engineering decisions regarding your aging infrastructure, you need it to be exact!  Eliminating human error while taking advantage of the technology so effectively used by Alamon inspection crews is a necessity!  Shouldn’t this be the new standard for Best Practices?  What do you think?  Contact Alamon today to discover more about this revolution in the pole evaluation process.

Alamon Utility Pole Loading Analysis