Alamon COMSEC Initiative

Alamon, in order to serve its Government clients and support their physical layer COMSEC initiatives is proud to announce that we have begun the internal prerequisite steps as required to attain a Facilities Security Clearance (FCL ) via the Facilities Clearance Branch ( FCB ) as enabled via the National Industrial Security Program (NISP.

Executing the NISP agreement and completing the FCL will allow Alamon to serve our new and existing United States Government customers at the Top Secrent ( TS ) clearance level. This FCL process is of course the result of Executive Order 12829 which was issued to ensure that cleared U.S. defense contractors properly handle classified information in their possession while performing work on contracts, programs, bids, or research and development efforts. The parent agency for this certification is the Defense Security Service.

In line with the above action note that Alamon is always looking for current and potential employees that have current/recent TS/SCI clearances. If you are interested in the work that flows from our new certification please submit your resume to