Alamon Aids Verizon, plus 100,000 music fans

Alamon was one of the select few vendors asked to perform troubleshooting on Verizon’s wireless network in California. ​Tiger teams are using advanced testing tools such as PIM and OTDR to pinpoint the root of network-performance issues at cell sites. Alamon’s hard work is paying dividends for Verizon, keeping its reputation for reliability intact.

Alamon also rushed to be of service at the most recent Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, one of the world’s foremost indie music events. Sprint called upon Alamon’s specialized microwave team to save their temporary cell sites in the California desert from traffic loss — the existing equipment suffered from too much interference and was causing service degradation for tens of thousands of music fans. Alamon crews battled severe weather, sandstorms and crushing crowds to get the new system installed and integrated, and restore service to the temporary cell sites.